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This is madness … No. This is Zumba.


Don’t say I never do anything for you.

I’m back from the Zumba class/torture chamber (tomatoe/tomato).

If you don’ know what Zumba is, here is a Wikipedia definition:

”Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hopsocasambasalsamerenguemambo and martial artsSquats and lunges are also included.”

All of this I have to say is true. It’s like being at a carnival with less nakedness , more arm-bands and way, way less co-ordination. That is the only thing that shocked me. My co-ordination = zero. I knew the class would tire me out. I know my fitness level. My fitness and I are on speaking terms. But I had no idea  that I didn’t have any rhythm.. stop laughing.

There were 8 of us in total. I wished more had attended so the crowd could somehow mask my complete inability to ”bust a move” , but the numbers only started to decrease with two people leaving 30 minutes in (it was a 60 minute class).

Rhythm and coordination aside, I feel really good right now. (I felt like throwing up immediately after the class. When I say ‘right now’ I mean about 2 hours post-workout).

On Thursday, I bring you a YOGA review. Stay tuned for that madness.


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Meanwhile, on a rooftop near you…

Hello readers,

I’m very excited to report we have had our first Rooftop Cinema experience!

I am a huge fan of crowds gathering in unlikely places and spaces, and this is certainly one of them.

Located a short walk from Old Street tube station, the Queen of Hoxton is a bar/nightclub (which we avoided… It was a Wednesday.. I’m not that spontaneous) , and up the stairs from the Queen of Hoxton is this:







We were greeted by fairy lights, the smell of a barbecue going in the back, popcorn, and of course a great view of empty office buildings…

Casual seating and drinking turned into a more organised mess as the staff brought out more ‘movie chairs’ and we were each given a set of earphones and (if we wanted) a blanket.

This isn’t the only Rooftop Cinema experience in London so do have a look on their website for more locations. Each location also has it’s own film listing, but the majority show cult movies from Donnie Darko to Grease, to Labyrinth and Anchorman.

Take a look here for more details and I hope you one day get to enjoy the show yourselves!



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You and your cup.

Hello good people,

I never want to become old. I don’t mean grow old , we’ll all get there. I mean become old. I’ll explain..

It is now my second week in my new job, new office , and around new people. As a ‘new person’ , I was introduced to everyone and was shown around the chairs, tables, and kitchen ( I will never understand why these are ‘fundamentals’ for any induction process ) .

A couple of hours in, I decided to make use of the very important kitchen and make myself a cup of tea. By way of making conversation (bad conversation at that), I asked if everyone had their own cups, or if it worked on a first come first serve basis.

”Make yourself at home,” they said. ”Take whichever one you want ”.

I did.

A couple of days later, I made myself my cup of coffee in a rather nice mug (blue, white polka dots).

”I like this cup.” , I think to myself.

I sense her before I see her. She stands behind me.

” Vedrana, for future reference, … that’s my cup” .

” Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise it had your name on it”. I said this with no sense of sarcasm whatsoever. I was genuinely perplexed.

” It doesn’t…”


I didn’t finish my coffee. I poured it out and washed the cup, thinking to myself that I never want to become that person. I hope life has better things in store for me than a cup fixation.


To the left is my cup… But you may use it if you wish.

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Riddickulous times

I knew I should have stopped watching these sequels 13 years ago with Pitch Black. What was a marginally new idea at the time is now as old and ridiculous as Vin Diesels’ swimming goggles.

Riddick returns in this round to a world which no-one can seem to locate. Sat-nav is apparently not on the  agenda.

Grumpy grumps.
Grumpy grumps.

He battles dogs, slugs, bad weather and a broken leg until he finally finds a ”safe haven”. In a bold move (and the only move to create a story for the movie to continue), he sends off a signal to alert anyone around him of where he is, waits for them to arrive, and plans to steal their plane when they come running.

What arrives is a Mexican team and an American team. I’m not being insensitive to ethnic diversity. This really is what happens. Short of wielding a guitar, the mexican team leader is called Santana (not kidding).

I’ll give credit where it’s due – it’s pretty entertaining in a stupid kind of way. Most of the movie is spent chasing after Riddick himself as opposed to running away from the monsters we were used to in Pitch Black. The creatures in this one only surface with rain apparently. So we here in England would be screwed.



In other news, here’s what I’m listening to and reading at the moment:

Arctic Monkeys 'AM' Album. I haven't liked an entire album for a long time. This is one of the few! Also manages to match the rainy autumn weather perfectly.
Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’ Album. I haven’t liked an entire album for a long time. This is one of the few! Also manages to match the rainy autumn weather perfectly.


I say this is what I've been reading ''lately'' but it feels like I will be reading this book for the rest of my life . It's huge. But I wouldn't mind it. Worlds away from where I am now and makes me want to go to India.
I say this is what I’ve been reading ”lately” but it feels like I will be reading this book for the rest of my life . It’s huge. But I wouldn’t mind it. Worlds away from where I am now and makes me want to go to India. Incidentally I am actually on 26% of the book. This snapshot was taken when I couldn’t quite believe that I had some 800 pages left.  


If you don’t watch Riddick, I won’t blame you. But try either of my other two recommendations and I guarantee you that you might possibly not regret it. 🙂




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Summer goodbyes

Hello readers,

Maybe I’ve been living here for too long but I’m rather starting to enjoy the first signs of autumn and winter coming our way.

– I can no longer feel my toes when I wear sandals.

– My umbrella becomes a part of my body and occasionally, a weapon.

– I start to bath with the window closed and, when it gets really serious, I close the door too.

Along with saying goodbye to summer, I have also said a final goodbye to my job and have started a fresh! I might tell you more about it when I know exactly what it involves (It’s not the secret service, I genuinely don’t know what I’m doing).

All I know is, people around me are effortlessly pulling off wearing pencil skirts. If you don’t know what a pencil skirt is, think ‘cling-film‘ and ‘hell‘ mixed together. And so for now my biggest problem is changing my wardrobe to be more ‘work-y’. I haven’t found a solution to this yet but in the meantime, here’s some of my week:

The new view from work. Not too shabby.
The new view from work. Not too shabby.
Victoria station on a quiet Sunday. Not a pencil skirt in sight.
Victoria station on a quiet Sunday. Not a pencil skirt in sight.
It wouldn't be a weekend without a food photo.
It wouldn’t be a weekend without a food photo. The Diner in Soho.
Rain clouds = great sunsets
Rain clouds = great sunsets

Have a great week everyone 🙂




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Hey you.

Hello friends,

I’m back from a brief get-away and have something you need to check out asap!

Roger Waters , The Wall 

Needless to say if you haven’t heard of either Roger Waters or The Wall, this may not be that relevant to you (although I would then recommend you get acquainted with both. It would be wrong not to).

And if you have heard of both… you need to see this show. Pink Floyd was the soundtrack to my very very early years and I remember my parents repeatedly playing Learning to Fly, Time, Money, Run Like Hell and everything else in-between.

Ironically my least favourite album at the time was The Wall, partly because I didn’t understand any of it (I was maybe 5 years old) , but mostly because the video to Another Brick in the Wall gave me nightmares.

Years later I can’t say that it’s less disturbing, but really nothing nowadays comes close to this kind of music. If you know the background, forget any disputes that may be going on between Roger Waters himself and his Pink Floyd band mates. It really doesn’t matter when you’re looking at and listening to all of this:









If you haven’t seen it, there’s still time!

The next tour dates are on his website. Don’t think about it, just do it and thank me later.. on that I look popular.