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Hey you.

Hello friends,

I’m back from a brief get-away and have something you need to check out asap!

Roger Waters , The Wall 

Needless to say if you haven’t heard of either Roger Waters or The Wall, this may not be that relevant to you (although I would then recommend you get acquainted with both. It would be wrong not to).

And if you have heard of both… you need to see this show. Pink Floyd was the soundtrack to my very very early years and I remember my parents repeatedly playing Learning to Fly, Time, Money, Run Like Hell and everything else in-between.

Ironically my least favourite album at the time was The Wall, partly because I didn’t understand any of it (I was maybe 5 years old) , but mostly because the video to Another Brick in the Wall gave me nightmares.

Years later I can’t say that it’s less disturbing, but really nothing nowadays comes close to this kind of music. If you know the background, forget any disputes that may be going on between Roger Waters himself and his Pink Floyd band mates. It really doesn’t matter when you’re looking at and listening to all of this:









If you haven’t seen it, there’s still time!

The next tour dates are on his website. Don’t think about it, just do it and thank me later.. on that I look popular.

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