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Meanwhile, on a rooftop near you…

Hello readers,

I’m very excited to report we have had our first Rooftop Cinema experience!

I am a huge fan of crowds gathering in unlikely places and spaces, and this is certainly one of them.

Located a short walk from Old Street tube station, the Queen of Hoxton is a bar/nightclub (which we avoided… It was a Wednesday.. I’m not that spontaneous) , and up the stairs from the Queen of Hoxton is this:







We were greeted by fairy lights, the smell of a barbecue going in the back, popcorn, and of course a great view of empty office buildings…

Casual seating and drinking turned into a more organised mess as the staff brought out more ‘movie chairs’ and we were each given a set of earphones and (if we wanted) a blanket.

This isn’t the only Rooftop Cinema experience in London so do have a look on their website for more locations. Each location also has it’s own film listing, but the majority show cult movies from Donnie Darko to Grease, to Labyrinth and Anchorman.

Take a look here for more details and I hope you one day get to enjoy the show yourselves!



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