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This is madness … No. This is Zumba.


Don’t say I never do anything for you.

I’m back from the Zumba class/torture chamber (tomatoe/tomato).

If you don’ know what Zumba is, here is a Wikipedia definition:

”Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hopsocasambasalsamerenguemambo and martial artsSquats and lunges are also included.”

All of this I have to say is true. It’s like being at a carnival with less nakedness , more arm-bands and way, way less co-ordination. That is the only thing that shocked me. My co-ordination = zero. I knew the class would tire me out. I know my fitness level. My fitness and I are on speaking terms. But I had no idea  that I didn’t have any rhythm.. stop laughing.

There were 8 of us in total. I wished more had attended so the crowd could somehow mask my complete inability to ”bust a move” , but the numbers only started to decrease with two people leaving 30 minutes in (it was a 60 minute class).

Rhythm and coordination aside, I feel really good right now. (I felt like throwing up immediately after the class. When I say ‘right now’ I mean about 2 hours post-workout).

On Thursday, I bring you a YOGA review. Stay tuned for that madness.


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