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Face – Off : a beauty review as told by the faces of Nicolas Cage

Well hello.

We have a lot to talk about.



When my mom and I bought these a week ago, we were in search of a moisturiser that would be our force-field through winter. The kind of force-field you might see on Independence Day or Star Trek. A bullet-proof, torpedo-proof barrier for the skin.

What we were offered was Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and a selection of creams from their Rose Arctica range. The creams contain Resurrection Flower extracts… This is apparently a plant that can go without water for over 30 DAYS. Naturally this was our reaction :

nic cage

After many other words like ‘restructuring’, ‘rejuvenation’ were mentioned , we were sold.

All of the creams also promised results in 7 days, which as you all know is a lie (although I am sure there is a little part of you that always makes a mental note of Day 7 from the date of purchase).

Well… It works. From Day 1.

The Midnight recovery oil is used each night (two drops really is enough) and acts as a base for the cream. For the past 7 days my husband has mentioned I have an oily-sheen on my face. I prefer the term ‘dewy’ or ‘glowing’ (he’s just not clued up on the correct term). My mom has reported similar results with others asking if she had anything ‘done’ to her face. Result!



The Rose Arctica face and eye cream are equally good and last from morning till night. I’m making my way through a sample sized tub of the cream and it is nowhere near finished.

A handy tip we got from fellow bloggers is that Kiehls will hand out samples of the creams and oils free of charge!

I intend to go to every Kiehls store in London squirrelling away these little samples for as long as is feasible or legal.

Here’s to a new face!







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