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Thor 2 : The Dark World



This was so good!! Those that know me personally will know I have been waiting for this since, roughly, April 2011 ( not that I was counting).

If you haven’t been following this since April 2011, and I suspect this is highly likely, Thor 2 is really the sequel to the Avengers more than it is to Thor 1. Quick summary:

Loki is cast out of Asgard (Thor 1)  -> decides he will try to rule earth instead (the Avengers) -> and after failing at this, he is brought back to Asgard as a prisoner (Thor 2). 


A huge fan of the first movie, I was a little disappointed that Kenneth Branagh withdrew from directing the sequel and I was even more nervous that his direction in the first place was what made the first piece so memorable. To an extent, this is true. I loved the first movie for its’ wit and dialogue and there were very few big fight scenes, yet it still managed to retain its’ ‘super-hero’ movie status. 

To my surprise though, Alan Taylor (director of Thor 2) did well. It is definitely bigger and bolder with graphics, like you would expect with sequels. But mostly it just has a brilliant cast of supporting actors that pull it all together. I am biased of course because I think Tom Hiddleston is a genius. Don’t bother yourself with his big screen movies. Go and see his plays or something smaller ( If you can get seats to any of them that is.. Coriolanus is already sold out believe me I tried).

I won’t say more honestly you just need to see it for yourself and I won’t spoil the surprises (there are many).

Go ! Go now!





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