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Keeping calm.

Finally took that Yoga class.

yoga cat


I don’t know what to tell you.. A review of any sort would not do it justice at this stage, or any stage really. Yoga is quite simply a life-style. One does not just do Yoga. One must be Yoga. Calm… zen … bullshit. Sorry.

My idea of ‘calming my mind’ is taking a bath. Trying to put my right foot behind my head , is not my idea of calming my mind.

My not liking this form of exercise is not at all a reflection on Yoga itself. I know people who do it regularly and swear by it, and I don’t disagree with the benefits they get from it. As an exercise, it really works.This has probably been my most active year yet , and I still hurt the next day in places I didn’t expect ( my toes hurt, my back hurt ).

But, it’s not for me. As the instructor told us to ‘feel’ our worries ‘flow’ out, I was well aware that I was in-fact in a Virgin Active gym. I was not on a beach in Bali. My worries will not flow out of me. They will go by my actively doing something about them, which does not include arching my back like a cat or making a to-do list.

That’s all for tonight!

Review Me Vee – sans Zen.



2 thoughts on “Keeping calm.

  1. A free yogo class was offered to all teachers after school hours. Unfortunately, I went. I was very athletic and into exercising, so the moves were not hard. Then the instructor had us all do a move with our butts pointing upwards … and I farted. Not silently.
    No more yoga for me.

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