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What not to wear

Winter is here.

Almost every year, I hunt for the right coat, right scarf, and right shoes. Clothes and footwear in the UK are not built to last , and it is more expensive to repair than it is to replace altogether. Fact.

Also, I like to change my look regularly.

Of course, ‘not-freezing’ and ‘looking stylish’ at the same time is an impossible thing to do. If you think its’ possible, just look at yourself in the mirror.You’re either very warm and look like you’re wearing bubble wrap. Or you’re very cold, but tailored and sveldt. So which do you go for?

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 18.18.24
Coat – Joy , Boots – Urban Outfitters, Scarf – Topshop

I want to say I go for the warm options… But it just never happens that way.

That’s all from me for tonight, wishing you luck in finding your winter clothing!



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