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The Counsellor : Review

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Where was I..

Ah yes.

The Counsellor
The Counsellor

Don’t be blinded by the number of stars here. Ridley Scotts’ new one runs out of steam very fast.

Set in Mexico, the story follows  several people involved in what appears to be drug trafficking. I say it appears this way because the movie never actually specifies any of this. First impressions had me admiring Scott’s nonchalant approach to the plot and script . This movie does not give a s*** about whether you understand what is happening. I liked that at first.

Then it just started to piss me off.

Why does everyone want the Counsellor dead? Why does Javier Bardem look so frazzled all the time? And why are there cheetahs everywhere ?

As it went on, I started to feel a little sorry for this A-list cast who were somehow roped into making their way through a C-list script. 

Between the terrible dialogue (which includes Cameron Diaz explaining what it means to be a cheetah..) , we also get bombarded with constant references about living with bad life choices and the meaning of grief.

Apparently joining a drug cartel is not enough of a sign that you have made a bad life choice.

If you have any different thoughts on this , the movie I mean, I would love to hear them! Who knows.. you might change my mind 🙂


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