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Dear Santa

It’s nearly Christmas and the year is almost over! I can’t wait.

Every year we get just a little busier around this time with christmas parties from work to friends to family.

Every year there is also a stand-off period ; tension mounts over who will host christmas day until finally someone gives in. Last year was us and I honestly wouldn’t mind doing it again, but I’m waiting for the right amount of tension to build ..  🙂

On my wish-list this year are some unconventional items:

– a painted living room

We moved in to our place in 2009. It was a repossessed property to begin with and since moving in we have slowly (very slowly) made small changes to make our house a home.



What remains now is purely decorative work. I have made up my mind to paint our living room , which is a pale green colour that only belongs in a clinic or hospital in my opinion. After months of debating and procrastinating, I have set up our first visit to get a quote done and get the show on the road.

Second on our wish-list :

– a cat 

Animal rights activists out there might cringe that I’ve put an animal on my Christmas wish-list but I can assure you that I intend to keep the cat even after Christmas is over.

Our search started a couple of weeks ago and we quickly learned that this was serious business. Here are some things we had to consider and do:

– Send applications to the relevant pet adoption agencies with full details of our current positions (e.g. working hours, age, commitments, future plans for children etc ). The agency then needs to assess our property and suitability for keeping the cat.

– Get quotes for a cat flap with an identity microchip built in ( one chip goes into the door, one chip goes into your cat . No other cats allowed! )

– Beware of scammers! Search for reviews on every website you use. We found a website called which ‘gave away’ kittens for free (a first sign that something was not quite right) and they immediately asked us for our details when we sent  an enquiry to test the site.

And so the search continues. If anyone out there has had any experience of doing this for the first time, we would love to hear from you any tips and advice you might have !

Until next time 🙂


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