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A Walter Mitty life

Hello there readers,

I saw this trailer a couple of months ago and knew it would be released as a movie you should ‘definitely see before the new year’ ; adventure, living life to the fullest, taking the bull by the horns etcetera etcetera.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I wasn’t wrong. Ben Stiller doesn’t do a bad job directing and starring in this short story adaptation and the majority of it is shot in Iceland and Greenland , featuring absolutely beautiful scenery, a volcano, and a questionable looking shark. Walter spends most of his time working for Life Magazine as a Negative Asset Manager ( No , I didn’t know what this was either ).

The other parts of his time are spent moving his mother into a nursing home and thinking about asking his work colleague on a date (but never actually doing so).

Walter’s mind frequently drifts off into another world;  a more adventurous one in which he is the hero, the explorer, the investigator. Long story short, his day dreams are cut short as he is presented with a tangible opportunity to go on a real adventure after misplacing a negative-image which is to be the last ever cover of Life Magazine .

DF-11070-Edit - Ben Stiller in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.

I liked it.

It was a nice way of easing in to the new year and looking back over 2013 ( I did this later…not whilst watching the movie. I was too concentrated on the special effects and Stiller’s transformation into a ruggedly handsome nomad ). 2013 is one I will be glad to see the end of in many ways, but in others has been the best year yet.

I was there to see my best friend marry the man of her dreams in the place of her dreams.

I finally finished that dissertation.

I graduated (thank goodness).

I started a new job and company.

We got a brief look at pregnancy and realised it might not be such a bad thing to try after all.

I went to Brussels.

My cousin saw London for the first time ever and hopefully not the last.

I went to a Roger Waters concert, a Holi festival and Dublin.

Ok…so I didn’t have a fight with a shark or run away from an eruption. But , baby steps right?

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Christmassy things

If you haven’t had enough of Christmas then this place will finish you off..



With no charge to pass through the gates, Winter Wonderland charges you enough to make up for it once you walk in. We spent our day strolling through the market, denying ourselves everything until the smell of bratwurst and mulled wine could no longer be ignored.




Prices aside, the wonderland is a great place to go for getting into the Christmas spirit, getting drunk, losing your kids, finding other peoples’ kids, eating inappropriate amounts of food, and going on slightly unstable looking roller coasters.




With the big day over, we are spending our weekend recovering from the week and waiting to get paid so we can leave home again.

Happy Christmas one and all!




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Dublin – a whale of a time

Hello readers!

We’ve finally seen Dublin. Dublin is a one hour flight away from London.  

One hour is how long it takes me to get to work (door to door) .

One hour is how long it takes me to have a bath (I take my time).

One hour is ridiculous.

If you’re one hour away from this city , please just go.

Here are some things you should check out when you’re there:

Trinity College Library
Trinity College Library

Walking into this room for the first time, I couldn’t believe any of these books were real ( I got my husband to ask the security guard if they were props . They aren’t ).  The library dates back to 1592 and is actively used by the students of the University.


Temple Bar
Temple Bar

We had a quick walk through Temple Bar , maybe a little too quick to write a legit review of it but still somewhere I’d recommend if you’re there (Beware: Cobblestones. I know this is part of the charm but beware ).


The Guinness Storehouse
The Guinness Storehouse

Beer-drinkers all over the world who have never been here will hate the fact that I have. I do not drink beer. Still, a very interesting place to visit! You will be given a guided tour of the history , advertising and making of Guinness , and will be given a free pint when you get to the top as part of your ticket (bonus!).

Irish countryside
Irish countryside

Ironically one of the best parts of our visit to Dublin was leaving it to go to the countryside. A quick drive and we were nowhere near the bustle of the city, driving in gale force winds and pouring rain (they call it Drizzle there). It was beautiful.


Some of the best bits couldn’t be captured on camera , including a visit to The Cobblestone for some traditional irish music and great food and wine at the Brazen Head pub, the oldest in Europe.

Back in rainy London, I am having serious withdrawal symptoms and already scheming our trip back. Well worth the embarrassing one hour!




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Meat. Liquor.

These are the two main things I am no longer allowed to have.

If you’re on any kind of diet , for any kind of reason; Meat Liquor is the place to go to say F*** Y** to that diet.


Located somewhere in the back streets of Oxford Circus, this place specialises in meat, alcohol, and no cutlery. Simple. 

The decor is dark and dirty in the best way. Graffiti against black walls with red strip lighting makes it a little difficult to see the details in your food, although if you’re the kind of person that looks for detail in your burger and fries, you probably shouldn’t go here.

We arrived at around 10.30pm and started with the Liquor part first. The bar serves ok-ish cocktails with a ‘No freebies, No dickheads, No ballet pumps’ policy.  Reasonable if you ask me.


Food is served until 1am. Starving, and a little drunk, we ate 11.30pm.

I ordered a Dead Hippie (this was the name of the burger). I also ordered cheese fries . Go big or go home I say.

Readers – I cannot tell you how good all of this tasted.

If there was any place I could have gone to say farewell to red meat , this was it.

Good-bye meat. It’s been fun.






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Christmas Overkill

Christmas. It’s not so easy anymore.

I’m not sure whether it is the size of this city or the way the world is going anyway, but it seems Christmas is more IN YOUR FACE than ever before.  Kind of like this lady:

I did say ‘kind of’.

My working days are starting to fill with ‘Meeting Requests’ for :

– Christmas lunches ( ”Everyone please bring a non alcoholic drink and remember, we can still have fun with orange juice! ” )

– Christmas decorations ( ”  Whilst we are all looking forward to getting festive, please kindly remember that all your christmas lights must be health and safety tested. We only have one fire exit door. ” )

– Christmas Jumper days ( ” We will all be wearing Christmas Jumpers next Friday! Don’t forget yours!” )

– Secret Santa ( ” We need volunteers to organise the Secret Santa this year! ”)

Forget turning water into wine; I’m pretty sure even Jesus would lose his mind if he had to organise a Secret Santa for his office . .. if he had an office … you get the point.

One of the benefits of having a somewhat flexible job is that I get to escape this quite often, or place myself with people who find it equally ridiculous.

I like Christmas , but I like it in my own time, on my own terms. I want to bring wine to my christmas lunch. I want to blow up our neighbourhood with christmas lights. I want to wear my Christmas jumper whenever I want.  And I don’t want to spend secret santa money on people I don’t know!