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Christmas Overkill

Christmas. It’s not so easy anymore.

I’m not sure whether it is the size of this city or the way the world is going anyway, but it seems Christmas is more IN YOUR FACE than ever before.  Kind of like this lady:

I did say ‘kind of’.

My working days are starting to fill with ‘Meeting Requests’ for :

– Christmas lunches ( ”Everyone please bring a non alcoholic drink and remember, we can still have fun with orange juice! ” )

– Christmas decorations ( ”  Whilst we are all looking forward to getting festive, please kindly remember that all your christmas lights must be health and safety tested. We only have one fire exit door. ” )

– Christmas Jumper days ( ” We will all be wearing Christmas Jumpers next Friday! Don’t forget yours!” )

– Secret Santa ( ” We need volunteers to organise the Secret Santa this year! ”)

Forget turning water into wine; I’m pretty sure even Jesus would lose his mind if he had to organise a Secret Santa for his office . .. if he had an office … you get the point.

One of the benefits of having a somewhat flexible job is that I get to escape this quite often, or place myself with people who find it equally ridiculous.

I like Christmas , but I like it in my own time, on my own terms. I want to bring wine to my christmas lunch. I want to blow up our neighbourhood with christmas lights. I want to wear my Christmas jumper whenever I want.  And I don’t want to spend secret santa money on people I don’t know!



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