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Meat. Liquor.

These are the two main things I am no longer allowed to have.

If you’re on any kind of diet , for any kind of reason; Meat Liquor is the place to go to say F*** Y** to that diet.


Located somewhere in the back streets of Oxford Circus, this place specialises in meat, alcohol, and no cutlery. Simple. 

The decor is dark and dirty in the best way. Graffiti against black walls with red strip lighting makes it a little difficult to see the details in your food, although if you’re the kind of person that looks for detail in your burger and fries, you probably shouldn’t go here.

We arrived at around 10.30pm and started with the Liquor part first. The bar serves ok-ish cocktails with a ‘No freebies, No dickheads, No ballet pumps’ policy.  Reasonable if you ask me.


Food is served until 1am. Starving, and a little drunk, we ate 11.30pm.

I ordered a Dead Hippie (this was the name of the burger). I also ordered cheese fries . Go big or go home I say.

Readers – I cannot tell you how good all of this tasted.

If there was any place I could have gone to say farewell to red meat , this was it.

Good-bye meat. It’s been fun.






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