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Dublin – a whale of a time

Hello readers!

We’ve finally seen Dublin. Dublin is a one hour flight away from London.  

One hour is how long it takes me to get to work (door to door) .

One hour is how long it takes me to have a bath (I take my time).

One hour is ridiculous.

If you’re one hour away from this city , please just go.

Here are some things you should check out when you’re there:

Trinity College Library
Trinity College Library

Walking into this room for the first time, I couldn’t believe any of these books were real ( I got my husband to ask the security guard if they were props . They aren’t ).  The library dates back to 1592 and is actively used by the students of the University.


Temple Bar
Temple Bar

We had a quick walk through Temple Bar , maybe a little too quick to write a legit review of it but still somewhere I’d recommend if you’re there (Beware: Cobblestones. I know this is part of the charm but beware ).


The Guinness Storehouse
The Guinness Storehouse

Beer-drinkers all over the world who have never been here will hate the fact that I have. I do not drink beer. Still, a very interesting place to visit! You will be given a guided tour of the history , advertising and making of Guinness , and will be given a free pint when you get to the top as part of your ticket (bonus!).

Irish countryside
Irish countryside

Ironically one of the best parts of our visit to Dublin was leaving it to go to the countryside. A quick drive and we were nowhere near the bustle of the city, driving in gale force winds and pouring rain (they call it Drizzle there). It was beautiful.


Some of the best bits couldn’t be captured on camera , including a visit to The Cobblestone for some traditional irish music and great food and wine at the Brazen Head pub, the oldest in Europe.

Back in rainy London, I am having serious withdrawal symptoms and already scheming our trip back. Well worth the embarrassing one hour!




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