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That fitness thing

Hello readers,

In 2013, I got the Runkeeper App on my phone. It was both a godsend and godawful at the same time; cheering me on when I did any manner of activity, and silently judging me when I didn’t .

It asked me to set a goal for myself .

I decided to reach for the stars and wrote : ” be fitter” .

One year later, I’m pleased to say that my very achievable goal has been achieved , with a few hiccups along the way ( hiccups in the form of fatty food and passing health scares ).

This year, the goal remains the same . If you have decided to do the same , here are some things to get you started :

1. Leave your house. Baby steps.





2. Take photos of yourself in the midst of fitness related activity (or at least in fitness clothing). This will help to give your mind the impression that you are actually doing something good and healthy even if you only ran to the vending machine for water. 


3. Go to a class of some sort. At first, the emptier it is the better. 

Actually, it’s always better when it’s empty. 


4. I like none of the vegetables below. I like steak, burgers, pasta, chocolate, cheese and wine. It pains me to say that you should eat well. But you should. Because it’s just one of those things you have to do. 



Good luck with your 2014 people. And if you’re not doing the fitness thing , please send me photographs of all the cheese you’re having. I hate you. 


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