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Need more coffee?

Hello readers,

One of my favourite things to do here in London is to drink coffee. Sounds simple enough but when you’re surrounded by the worlds’ worst coffee chains ( Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Costa ) , it becomes quite difficult to find anything good in the little time you have.

This weeks blog and coffee review is therefore borne out of one day of annual leave, three trains, five buses, and three cups of coffee later.

I refrained from writing this on the day itself ; I couldn’t concentrate from all the caffeine.

Here’s where to go :

Grind Coffee Bar , 79 Lower Richmond Road, Putney .  - I've had better coffee but the banana bread is awesome.
Grind Coffee Bar , 79 Lower Richmond Road, Putney . – I’ve had better coffee but the banana bread is awesome.
Look Mum No Hands – 49 Old Street, London – Huge portions of muesli and coffee! Good coffee too. The place itself is a bicycle repair shop turned coffee pit stop; a great idea and very cosy. Only wish it was closer to home.
Speakeasy Espresso Bar , Carnaby Street, London - 'Ok-ish' coffee but this place is TIGHT. Literally. I felt like I needed to lose weight just to get through the door.
Speakeasy Espresso Bar , Carnaby Street, London – ‘Ok-ish’ coffee but this place is TIGHT. Literally. I felt like I needed to lose weight just to get through the door.

Here’s to a great week of coffee and the start of spring-time in the city!


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Only Lovers Left Alive


Here is why I thought this movie would be quite good, and my thoughts after watching:

” Oh look, Tom Hiddleston is in it!”

Tom Hiddleston is in it, but spends all of his time sulking in a monstrosity of a bathrobe and doesn’t say much at all. This irked me a little bit. If you’re going to use an actor whose talent lies in the vocals, give him something to say!  

” Directed by Jim Jarmusch…must be interesting.”

Let’s face it – the only good thing that came out of Jim Jarmusch are the Coffee and Cigarettes short skits (and I only say this because I’m a fan of Iggy Pop).

”Soundtrack sounds promising!”

The soundtrack is the kind of soundtrack that makes you feel absolutely ridiculous for ”not getting it, man”.

Tom Hiddleston mirroring my concern at this movie
Tom Hiddleston mirroring my concern at this movie

On the plus side for this movies’ ratings, I predict it will become a massive cult hit.

This will be the kind of movie that will be found by angst-y teenagers several years on from now. They will find it and they will love it. They will lock themselves in their bedrooms, playing their guitars, wearing horrendous bathrobes, and not saying a word.

Watch this space.

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Peer pressure

Hello readers,

For the past couple of weeks I have watched in horror, embarrassment and amusement as my friends, a member of family, and a few acquaintances succumbed to the latest Neknomination fad on Facebook. Let it be known right now, I am in my late twenties. My friends and family are too in their twenties or older. These are grown adults.

If you have not heard about this; Neknominations involve filming yourself drinking a very large glass of alcohol of your choice , and then nominating several friends to do the same within 24 hours.

I love my friends. I love my family. But I feel they are absolute idiots for doing this. I worry that a part of me will never look at them the same way again; picturing them gulping down a horrid looking drink and then attempting to slur out,” I now nominate sjhfbjhbdfhbv…” .

Soon after the craze started, humans all over the world decided to get a little more ‘creative’ with their drink/substance of choice, because humans are great like that.

Methylated spirits


Engine oil

Dog food

Better still, some humans completely obliterated their competition by dying.

And because putting the blame on themselves would be too much for their brains to handle, humans have started to blame Facebook for this craze; claiming that the social networking site should ban the shared videos and monitor them closely.

As the popular meme would say , ” I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”.

In other news, my news years’ resolution of painting the living room is almost complete! Here are some horrible ‘before’ photos which should make the ‘after’s look magnificent.

Bye bye wallpaper.
Bye bye wallpaper.
Hello plastered walls.
Hello plastered walls.
Hello undercoat
Hello undercoat
And some carpet samples!
And some carpet samples! 50 shades of Beige. 

Wishing you all a great weekend and a happy valentines day to all who celebrate it. A better kind of peer pressure.




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The best of TV

Hello readers,

You may have heard this is happening across the UK right now:

Winter Weather December 28th






If you’re stuck inside, flooded or not, please watch this show – True Detective



I have previously found it difficult to take Matthew McConaughey seriously . You only need to take a look at ‘Failure to Launch’ or ‘Magic Mike’ to see exactly what I mean.

But this is genius.

There is a depth to this show and its’ characters which I haven’t seen on TV for a long time. Matthew M (I’ll call him Matthew M from now on. The spelling of his surname for some reason is impossible for me) and Woody Harrelson are perfect for each other on screen.The good cop / bad cop routine has been exhausted in cinema and it is just nice to see two people who can-not stand one another.

I have structured my entire working day around making sure that we have enough time to watch this show.

Worth it.


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Castaway – based on a true story

Hello readers,

What all of you won’t know is; I went missing for three hours this week.

Here is how it happened:

1. I went in to the office early. Early enough for no one to be there.

2. I let myself in through the secure doors with my security card.

3. I put down my security card and went in to the next room to print some documents. The door closed behind me.

4. I printed the documents I needed and , three hours later, I got out.

It was unfortunate that this day (the day that I forgot my security card in the other room), was also the day when the entire office had gone for an ‘Away-Day’ .

With no way out of the printing room , no phone to call anyone, and no one to call either way, I was trapped.

Short of making myself a paper mâché football and calling it Wilson, I did what I could to keep myself busy.


In other news this week, our lounge is being ripped apart and will soon look new . In the meantime we are living out of our bedroom and trying to stay out of the house as much as possible. Before and after photos to follow!

Hoping you all have a great week folks.