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Castaway – based on a true story

Hello readers,

What all of you won’t know is; I went missing for three hours this week.

Here is how it happened:

1. I went in to the office early. Early enough for no one to be there.

2. I let myself in through the secure doors with my security card.

3. I put down my security card and went in to the next room to print some documents. The door closed behind me.

4. I printed the documents I needed and , three hours later, I got out.

It was unfortunate that this day (the day that I forgot my security card in the other room), was also the day when the entire office had gone for an ‘Away-Day’ .

With no way out of the printing room , no phone to call anyone, and no one to call either way, I was trapped.

Short of making myself a paper mâché football and calling it Wilson, I did what I could to keep myself busy.


In other news this week, our lounge is being ripped apart and will soon look new . In the meantime we are living out of our bedroom and trying to stay out of the house as much as possible. Before and after photos to follow!

Hoping you all have a great week folks.

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