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The best of TV

Hello readers,

You may have heard this is happening across the UK right now:

Winter Weather December 28th






If you’re stuck inside, flooded or not, please watch this show – True Detective



I have previously found it difficult to take Matthew McConaughey seriously . You only need to take a look at ‘Failure to Launch’ or ‘Magic Mike’ to see exactly what I mean.

But this is genius.

There is a depth to this show and its’ characters which I haven’t seen on TV for a long time. Matthew M (I’ll call him Matthew M from now on. The spelling of his surname for some reason is impossible for me) and Woody Harrelson are perfect for each other on screen.The good cop / bad cop routine has been exhausted in cinema and it is just nice to see two people who can-not stand one another.

I have structured my entire working day around making sure that we have enough time to watch this show.

Worth it.


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