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Only Lovers Left Alive


Here is why I thought this movie would be quite good, and my thoughts after watching:

” Oh look, Tom Hiddleston is in it!”

Tom Hiddleston is in it, but spends all of his time sulking in a monstrosity of a bathrobe and doesn’t say much at all. This irked me a little bit. If you’re going to use an actor whose talent lies in the vocals, give him something to say!  

” Directed by Jim Jarmusch…must be interesting.”

Let’s face it – the only good thing that came out of Jim Jarmusch are the Coffee and Cigarettes short skits (and I only say this because I’m a fan of Iggy Pop).

”Soundtrack sounds promising!”

The soundtrack is the kind of soundtrack that makes you feel absolutely ridiculous for ”not getting it, man”.

Tom Hiddleston mirroring my concern at this movie
Tom Hiddleston mirroring my concern at this movie

On the plus side for this movies’ ratings, I predict it will become a massive cult hit.

This will be the kind of movie that will be found by angst-y teenagers several years on from now. They will find it and they will love it. They will lock themselves in their bedrooms, playing their guitars, wearing horrendous bathrobes, and not saying a word.

Watch this space.

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