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Captain America !

Hello readers,

Captain America and the Winter (not summer ) Soldier opens this week in UK cinemas.


I have to say , Captain America has always been my least favourite. If the world was ending and I had to choose amongst a variety of super-heroes out there to save me , my bets would not be on a frisbee-throwing, american-flag wearing war hero.

In their latest take on superhero movies, Marvel have tried to do something a little different by getting political making the ‘bad guy’ a very real issue ( threats to national security, weapons of mass destruction etc etc ) .

Also ,  Robert Redford.

If you’re reading this and have never heard of Robert Redford, or are reading this and thought that Robert Redford had died some years ago , I do not blame you at all. I haven’t seen this guy in years.

This was Robert Redford in 1973’s The Way We Were:

trench b_w

And this is Robert Redford now, at 77 years of age:



I don’t know many people who have always looked old. Redford pulls it off.

Anyway back to the movie … I would give this movie a look-see . If you are not a Marvel fan or have never seen any of the prequels, this would maybe be a bad start . There are constant mentions of ”…what happened in New York” in the Avengers Assemble and Iron Man, and I can’t see any of it making sense to someone watching this for the first time.

All in all , not bad and a 6/10 for me. Enjoy the film!



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A little trip to Benihana land

Hello readers,

In the town of Harare , Zimbabwe there existed a little restaurant called The Manchurian. I’m uncertain of what has become of this restaurant of late but I can tell you that when I was younger ( a lot younger ) , this little restaurant served some of the best food I have ever eaten. All diners could pick their raw ingredients which were then fried on a hot plate by the chef and ladled onto your plate within a matter of seconds. It was glorious.

You can imagine then that when I was told about a similar style of restaurant here in London more than 10 years later, I ran to it . Literally . Because I missed the bus.


Benihana in Piccadilly Circus was a rather anti-climatic event for us. It is a ‘hibachi-style’ restaurant ( hibachi being another word for that grill you’re seeing up there ) and the concept of the restaurant was for all meals to be theatrically prepared by a joke-cracking chef with fancy knife tricks.

It works like this:

– you are placed at a communal table and automatically feel like you have to speak to the stranger next to you .

– you choose your main course , be it fish , meat or vegetarian, and each main course comes with a set serving of rice, soup, vegetables and salad.

– your chef then asks you (in front of all of those people) how you like your meat cooked (well done, medium rare, etc). When you’re sitting with people you know, this question is perfectly normal. But when you are surrounded by people you have never met , all of a sudden the question becomes very invasive ( why should I tell you how I like my steak? what business is it of yours? ) .

– when all the meals have been chosen and you have been judged by fellow diners for your choice , the theatrics commence.



Charlie (our chef) did an unnecessary amount of knife-wielding in my opinion, but then there are only so many ways you can be theatrical about peeling a prawn.

One very impressive trick was done by layering some onion rings , forming a volcano shape, and setting fire to them. It was one of those ‘You had to be there’ moments.

As for ‘joke cracking chef’ … not so much. Not a joke was cracked that night.


Their drinks are deceptively strong and after two Mojito’s I felt like Charlie might actually kill me with those knives. It was time to go home.

The Manchurian this is not , but if you’re looking for an unusual experience I would definitely recommend Benihana. The food itself is very good quality which is expected for the price they charge and it is in the centre of a buzzing Piccadilly Circus.

Have you had any unusual dining experiences in London? Love to hear from you!


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Because being a woman is fun.

Hello readers,

We have to renew our health insurance this month.

As many of you would know, in order to renew your health insurance you often need to ‘shop around’ for the best deal. All of this involves re-telling your current and past medical histories to a plethora of ‘agents’ , who will all tell you that their health insurance is the best health insurance in the world. Theirs is the dullest job there is.

I spoke to one such agent yesterday – A man, possibly in his early twenties. Neither of these factors were on his side . A summary of our conversation, after going through the usual set of questions:

” Have you or your partner had any operations in the last year? ”

”Yes, I had a laparoscopy.”

”A what?”

” A laparoscopy … for endometriosis.”

” Endomiosis?”

” No. Endometriosis. ”

”Oh…what’s a laposcopy?”

”It’s LAPAroscopy and it’s a procedure to remove endometrial tissue” ( i know, I know I wasn’t being very helpful or friendly but this guy was meant to be selling health insurance for goodness sake – knowledge of key terms should be a requirement.)

” Ah . Ok. I’ll make a note that you’ve had a laposcopoppy of Endomiosis.”

I hung up.

It’s Endometriosis week this week and I have been doing an unusual amount of googling and you-tubing of the topic. It is a condition in which the endometrium or lining of your uterus’s tissue is found in places where it does not belong, much in the same way that a piece of chocolate wouldn’t belong on an anchovy salad  (and this is why I’m not in Medicine).

As a women-only condition, there is a certain feminist mood to all of the research and news surrounding the topic; ” we have to stand together/support each other ”, ”you are not alone” , etc etc etc. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Where are the men?

Women – while this is all happening to you, spare a thought for the men who:

– can’t even spell endometriosis like our poor friend up there,

– aren’t quite sure why the premenstrual syndrome seems to last all month, every month, all the time,

and who can’t quite grasp the concept of a ‘hot flush’ .

Ah yes , endometriosis is a fun to be had by all parties involved , male or female . This year I will be supporting Endometriosis UK and running the British 10k race here in London, July 2014. If you want to find out more about Endometriosis UK or even better if you want to sponsor me , click here!

And if you don’t , that’s ok too 🙂