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Captain America !

Hello readers,

Captain America and the Winter (not summer ) Soldier opens this week in UK cinemas.


I have to say , Captain America has always been my least favourite. If the world was ending and I had to choose amongst a variety of super-heroes out there to save me , my bets would not be on a frisbee-throwing, american-flag wearing war hero.

In their latest take on superhero movies, Marvel have tried to do something a little different by getting political making the ‘bad guy’ a very real issue ( threats to national security, weapons of mass destruction etc etc ) .

Also ,  Robert Redford.

If you’re reading this and have never heard of Robert Redford, or are reading this and thought that Robert Redford had died some years ago , I do not blame you at all. I haven’t seen this guy in years.

This was Robert Redford in 1973’s The Way We Were:

trench b_w

And this is Robert Redford now, at 77 years of age:



I don’t know many people who have always looked old. Redford pulls it off.

Anyway back to the movie … I would give this movie a look-see . If you are not a Marvel fan or have never seen any of the prequels, this would maybe be a bad start . There are constant mentions of ”…what happened in New York” in the Avengers Assemble and Iron Man, and I can’t see any of it making sense to someone watching this for the first time.

All in all , not bad and a 6/10 for me. Enjoy the film!



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