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Pancake lovers unite – here !

Londoners! Head on over to My Old Dutch for the best pancakes in town (not including my mothers. Never including my mothers).

They are light. They are fluffy. And they could be used as a parachute.

That's my thumb in the corner.
That’s my thumb in the corner.


Offering a good-sized selection of sweet and savoury pancakes, My Old Dutch also offers a gluten-free base for any of you who are that way inclined.


Also on the menu are these Poffertjes , traditional Dutch batter made with yeast and buckwheat flour. I was too busy with my own pancake to taste these miniature sized treats, but it gives me a good reason to return.

IMG_4690 IMG_4691 IMG_4692 IMG_4693Wishing you all a great week ahead, wherever you may be 🙂


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Godzilla, X-Men and Batman

Hello friends,

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks here but we have managed to fit in two movies , one bad and one good; Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past .

Godzilla was laughable. I was and am a huge fan of the 1998 version and thought it was likeable and witty. This was something else.


Like many others, I was intrigued by Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche being cast in this and to be fair the movie is great in the first 15 minutes because they are in it. These people know how to act and know how to keep an audience interested without the use of explosions, special effects or outlandish Americanisms that never make any sense.

Then they both die and we are left with a B-class movie.

Chaos ensues. Godzilla appears for seconds at a time and is basically replaced by another, more annoying alien called M.U.T.O which stands for Massive Un-identified Terrestrial Organism … ( Wow script-writers .. wow ). Talented actors are replaced by all-american beefcake Aaron-Taylor Johnson who runs around defending random strangers, trying to get back to his family after being separated for reasons I can’t remember because this movie was SO DULL .

Don’t waste your time on this one.

X-Men:Days of Future Past on the other hand, you should go and see.

I’m not a huge fan of any of their movies in particular but I this was really fun to watch. A cast of great actors make it enjoyable and the direction is sharp and snappy.


Hugh Jackman is tasked with going back into the past (the 70’s) to try to change the course of history. It’s very well directed with the imagery and mood of the 70’s reflected to a high standard , down to the last pattered shirt and bell-bottom. Go and have fun, go and see it.

The other occurrence this week for us was Batman. This is Batman.


He is small. He is mighty. He is Batman.



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Flooding in Serbia !

Hello everybody,

Somehow , putting up a review of a movie , product or place doesn’t feel quite right this week. My home country Serbia is under water. I’m putting this up in the hope that it will make you aware (if you aren’t already) that this has happened and to let you know how you can donate or get involved.

If you are reading this and by some small chance know anything about getting rid of/fixing/helping with massive water damage, please get in touch in the comments below, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, email , anything.

The Balkans received 3 months worth of rain in three days. Once the water dissipates, the real work will begin in restoring the townships and housing, and fighting the potential spread of infection and disease.

To donate:



If you are in Serbia:

Text 1003 from any of the three mobile operators in Serbia. All texts cost 100 dinar.
Text 1003 from any of the three mobile operators in Serbia. All texts cost 100 dinar.


Thanks for reading and get in touch if you have any ideas, opinions or thoughts. It matters!


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Social Suicide

Hello everybody,

I’m back from the weekend Ireland travels and although I have posted about this before (on here) , I have a few more photographs to add to the already thrilling collection:

St Patrick's College in Maynooth. Very grand . Lots of ivy everywhere.
St Patrick’s College in Maynooth. Very grand . Lots of ivy everywhere.
The inside of St Patrick's College. If I had an inside which looked anything like this, I would spend all of my time screaming and running up and down the halls.
The inside of St Patrick’s College. If I had an inside which looked anything like this, I would spend all of my time screaming and running up and down the halls.

That’s all I want to add in the form of photos today . More of my time was spent on quality conversation as opposed to site-seeing , which was a relief because I have very few people in my life who I can actually have a quality conversation with (put aside the default quality conversationalists of husband, mother, etc).

On the conversation menu this weekend was the increasingly frequent thought of committing social suicide. I’ll explain…

I have very few friends. This is the way life is intended to be. Quality over quantity. I have 5-7 good people on my Facebook , and the other 240 are of no importance to me. I have accepted their invitations because :

a) I was being polite

b) Having a total of 5-7 friends would look creepy and yes there is an element of me that wants to look socially acceptable and not like a serial killer.

c) I am occasionally entertained by how absolutely ridiculous their lives are

It is mostly reason C that keeps me connected to people, however occasionally the statuses which people choose to publicise are so inappropriate that I want to leave my opinion as a parting gift before deleting them off my network entirely. My opinion in these instances would be termed social suicide:

”I would almost agree with you , if it weren’t for the fact that you are quite illiterate. Please also use punctuation where appropriate so that I may complete my understanding of what you’ve just said.” – Unfriend.

”The way you berate your partner/husband/wife is completely inappropriate and is the exact reason you are having problems in your relationship right now.” – Unfriend.

”Stop sharing affirmations and quotes. You are the least inspirational person I know.” – Unfriend.

”You have no understanding of social cues and norms.” – Unfriend.

And the list goes on. Does anyone else have suicidal tendencies of this nature?

Some day I will complete this action, or maybe this will be a group activity of the future (Un-friending party anyone?). But until then , I’m still being entertained.



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I never did like that word : thrifty .

2013 was a quiet year for us here and we have decided to be completely reckless with our travelling this year . (When I say completely reckless, I mean to say we are travelling in and around Europe. But it’s a start) . It has taken me some time to realise a very obvious point :

My job, mortgage, life savings and future goals will not be affected by my spending £100 here and there for a flight and a new experience.

An accountant , banker , or anyone else good with numbers may shake their head at this statement , favouring a more thrifty lifestyle , saving every penny towards that one big purchase that they might never make.

I refuse to let 2014 be a thrifty year.

We will travel, we will have new experiences , and when we can’t travel we will pay for those experiences to come to us . F*** thrifty.

Also , I’m taking part in the 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram and honestly how else am I going to publish interesting photographs if I don’t travel.

So I’m sitting here blogging through my 45 minutes worth of free Wifi in Gatwick Airport, on my way to Dublin (once more) , drinking possibly the worst cup of coffee I have ever had, and I love it.

Check in time. Bye !


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San Miniato + San Gimignano , Italy

Hello everybody,

A number of great things happened this week:

– I found aromatherapy bath oils on sale ! I now have a choice of smelling like lavender, rosemary and other herbs.

– I made friends with a neighbourhood cat , fed it milk, and did not get my eyes scratched out.

– I received my last injection of Zoladex . Hello Oestrogen , I have missed you.

On the theme of all things great, I will tell you a little bit about the two little towns in Italy which were my favourite :

San Miniato


Built on a hill. Everything in Italy is built on a hill.
Built on a hill. Everything in Italy is built on a hill.
Wooden shutters on windows - mandatory.
Wooden shutters on windows – mandatory. Pot plant allocation – one.

San Miniato was everything I imagined Tuscany to be. It seemed to have one of everything; one hospital, one school, one church, etc. We arrived in the midst of a public holiday and many places were closed leaving us a lot of time to wander empty narrow streets , occasionally scrambling to avoid cars which came out of nowhere.

San Gimignano


San Gimignano was a little different. Famous for its’ medieval architecture, this place was a tourist hot spot . We strolled along the main street which sold everything from truffles and wine, to cheeses, bags, fridge magnets, and more fridge magnets.




On the central square we sat on the steps and people-watched for a little while before settling down for a cappuccino . I learnt quickly that a latte was not really the ‘in’ thing in Italy.



We also had a taste of some Tiramisu ice cream and a cake that looked like a scrotal sack (no other way to put it I’m afraid).

IMG_3847Make sure to pay these two towns a visit on your next trip to Tuscany  (San Gimignano has a shop that does free wine tasting too).