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San Miniato + San Gimignano , Italy

Hello everybody,

A number of great things happened this week:

– I found aromatherapy bath oils on sale ! I now have a choice of smelling like lavender, rosemary and other herbs.

– I made friends with a neighbourhood cat , fed it milk, and did not get my eyes scratched out.

– I received my last injection of Zoladex . Hello Oestrogen , I have missed you.

On the theme of all things great, I will tell you a little bit about the two little towns in Italy which were my favourite :

San Miniato


Built on a hill. Everything in Italy is built on a hill.
Built on a hill. Everything in Italy is built on a hill.
Wooden shutters on windows - mandatory.
Wooden shutters on windows – mandatory. Pot plant allocation – one.

San Miniato was everything I imagined Tuscany to be. It seemed to have one of everything; one hospital, one school, one church, etc. We arrived in the midst of a public holiday and many places were closed leaving us a lot of time to wander empty narrow streets , occasionally scrambling to avoid cars which came out of nowhere.

San Gimignano


San Gimignano was a little different. Famous for its’ medieval architecture, this place was a tourist hot spot . We strolled along the main street which sold everything from truffles and wine, to cheeses, bags, fridge magnets, and more fridge magnets.




On the central square we sat on the steps and people-watched for a little while before settling down for a cappuccino . I learnt quickly that a latte was not really the ‘in’ thing in Italy.



We also had a taste of some Tiramisu ice cream and a cake that looked like a scrotal sack (no other way to put it I’m afraid).

IMG_3847Make sure to pay these two towns a visit on your next trip to Tuscany  (San Gimignano has a shop that does free wine tasting too).

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