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I never did like that word : thrifty .

2013 was a quiet year for us here and we have decided to be completely reckless with our travelling this year . (When I say completely reckless, I mean to say we are travelling in and around Europe. But it’s a start) . It has taken me some time to realise a very obvious point :

My job, mortgage, life savings and future goals will not be affected by my spending £100 here and there for a flight and a new experience.

An accountant , banker , or anyone else good with numbers may shake their head at this statement , favouring a more thrifty lifestyle , saving every penny towards that one big purchase that they might never make.

I refuse to let 2014 be a thrifty year.

We will travel, we will have new experiences , and when we can’t travel we will pay for those experiences to come to us . F*** thrifty.

Also , I’m taking part in the 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram and honestly how else am I going to publish interesting photographs if I don’t travel.

So I’m sitting here blogging through my 45 minutes worth of free Wifi in Gatwick Airport, on my way to Dublin (once more) , drinking possibly the worst cup of coffee I have ever had, and I love it.

Check in time. Bye !


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