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Greece Lightning

Hello people,

We’re back from here:

Halkidiki , Greece
Halkidiki , Greece

The Greek islands are beautiful , really. We spent a brief four days in the little town of Ierissos or Akanthos as it is also known. Many of you might not know but I was born in Serbia and this little town is some six hours drive away from my home town.

Naturally, in the summer months Ierissos and many parts of Greece turn into mini-Serbias ;  a place for Serbians to visit a foreign land and stay rooted to home at the exact same time.

This little town was also almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 1932. What we stayed in was the ‘new’ Ierissos built a little distance away from the original city.

And that’s the end of this Wikipedia fact session.

Here are some more photos:

Clear waters .
Clear waters .
Mount Athos in the very distant distance.
Mount Athos in the very distant distance. Height: 1 centimetre here. 
Some boats.
Some boats.
This particular area was also home to several monasteries dotted around the island. The neighbouring towns sold ' Church clothes' and various paraphernalia  one would use in a monastery. I'm still uncertain who the target audience is for these stores.
This particular area was also home to several monasteries dotted around the island. The neighbouring towns sold ‘ Church clothes’ and various paraphernalia one would use in a monastery. I’m still uncertain who the target audience is for these stores. Do monks go here? Is this their equivalent of Top-shop ? H & M ? 

I would definitely recommend coming here if you are looking for an affordable beach holiday , or if you just want to get away… or if you want Church clothes.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks !



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We go to Greece in three days and we dropped Batman (our cat) off with a friend.

We got Batman exactly one month ago. 30 days. 4 weeks. Not long. I lay in bed that first night absolutely feeling like we had made the wrong decision.

We were no longer alone. We had this thing .IMG_4524

Now , we are home preparing to go away and the house is silent. We can leave a hot drink on the table without worry. We can open a window . We can leave the toilet lid up . We can run a bath safely.

Neither of us are admitting that we miss Batman.

We are telling ourselves that it is normal to have created a Whatsapp Group with our cat-sitter, monitoring Batman’s daily activities. Normal to have left a detailed list of feeding times, feeding instructions, litter instructions, play instructions, insurance details, and vet contact details.

All normal. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

We do not miss this thing which cannot hold an intellectual conversation and has an unhealthy obsession with lasers.

This is ridiculous.




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This and that

Hello everybody,

This week in London, we have summer.

Next week we will be back to normal.

Until then, we will have a week of long lazy evenings, cold drinks after work, and a lot of sun. The heat is always different here. I spent 10 years in Zimbabwe (in temperatures of mostly 30C plus) and came away with very little colour.

Here, I spend 30 minutes in the sun at 22C and I look like I have been swimming in a volcano. So cheers to that.



In other news, our new kitten Batman is fast turning into a cat (as expected, obviously) .

It spends most of its' days doing this.
It spends most of its’ days doing this.
And this.
And this.

Two days ago Batman fell out of our window (we live on the second floor). It’s still alive. Cats really do have nine lives.

Did the fall prevent him from walking on the windowsill again ?  Of course not . Because it’s Batman.



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A Maleficent Review

Hello readers,

I am just thrilled at how this turned out.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent.
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent.

I first saw, and was terrified by , Sleeping Beauty at a very young age. It didn’t seem too bad watching it at the time, but I often thought about thorns, crows and being stuck in a coma after.

When I saw the trailer for this , I was eager to see it and be a part of the scarring of future generations , even if it was by observing them in a cinema theatre.

Maleficent tells the classic story from her own angle. She falls in love with a human boy. The boy visits her in her fairy kingdom often. As they both grow older, the boy sets his sites on being king . As it happens, the only way to be king is to kill Maleficent and present the current king with his kill as a way of becoming heir to the throne.

Basically , this man uses Maleficent and then clips her wings . Literally.

When Maleficent wakes up after a romantic night together and finds her wings hacked off , she does what any woman would do.

She gets herself a nice black dress. She gets a crow and a staff. She builds a literal wall of thorns . She wrecks this guys life.

Then she finds out that, aside from taking her wings to be king , he’s had a baby with another woman. < Insert thorns, crows, and comas here >


After cursing Princess Aurora, Maleficent keeps a close eye on her and grows so fond of her that she tries to reverse the curse. Unfortunately this doesn’t work and Aurora falls into her deep sleep … for about 30 minutes .

Prince Phillip (whom she met the day before) tries to kiss her back to life but this doesn’t work! Thank you Disney for finally getting a little more realistic with relationships.

In the end it is Maleficent’s kiss on the forehead that brings the princess back . But why no kiss on the lips?! There was room for the movie to take this in a different direction and we are no longer in the 1959 version of how relationships should be. A love affair between these two is not unlikely.

Altogether though , a fun movie and one to see on the big screen. Enjoy 🙂