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A Maleficent Review

Hello readers,

I am just thrilled at how this turned out.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent.
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent.

I first saw, and was terrified by , Sleeping Beauty at a very young age. It didn’t seem too bad watching it at the time, but I often thought about thorns, crows and being stuck in a coma after.

When I saw the trailer for this , I was eager to see it and be a part of the scarring of future generations , even if it was by observing them in a cinema theatre.

Maleficent tells the classic story from her own angle. She falls in love with a human boy. The boy visits her in her fairy kingdom often. As they both grow older, the boy sets his sites on being king . As it happens, the only way to be king is to kill Maleficent and present the current king with his kill as a way of becoming heir to the throne.

Basically , this man uses Maleficent and then clips her wings . Literally.

When Maleficent wakes up after a romantic night together and finds her wings hacked off , she does what any woman would do.

She gets herself a nice black dress. She gets a crow and a staff. She builds a literal wall of thorns . She wrecks this guys life.

Then she finds out that, aside from taking her wings to be king , he’s had a baby with another woman. < Insert thorns, crows, and comas here >


After cursing Princess Aurora, Maleficent keeps a close eye on her and grows so fond of her that she tries to reverse the curse. Unfortunately this doesn’t work and Aurora falls into her deep sleep … for about 30 minutes .

Prince Phillip (whom she met the day before) tries to kiss her back to life but this doesn’t work! Thank you Disney for finally getting a little more realistic with relationships.

In the end it is Maleficent’s kiss on the forehead that brings the princess back . But why no kiss on the lips?! There was room for the movie to take this in a different direction and we are no longer in the 1959 version of how relationships should be. A love affair between these two is not unlikely.

Altogether though , a fun movie and one to see on the big screen. Enjoy 🙂




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