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This and that

Hello everybody,

This week in London, we have summer.

Next week we will be back to normal.

Until then, we will have a week of long lazy evenings, cold drinks after work, and a lot of sun. The heat is always different here. I spent 10 years in Zimbabwe (in temperatures of mostly 30C plus) and came away with very little colour.

Here, I spend 30 minutes in the sun at 22C and I look like I have been swimming in a volcano. So cheers to that.



In other news, our new kitten Batman is fast turning into a cat (as expected, obviously) .

It spends most of its' days doing this.
It spends most of its’ days doing this.
And this.
And this.

Two days ago Batman fell out of our window (we live on the second floor). It’s still alive. Cats really do have nine lives.

Did the fall prevent him from walking on the windowsill again ?  Of course not . Because it’s Batman.



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