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We go to Greece in three days and we dropped Batman (our cat) off with a friend.

We got Batman exactly one month ago. 30 days. 4 weeks. Not long. I lay in bed that first night absolutely feeling like we had made the wrong decision.

We were no longer alone. We had this thing .IMG_4524

Now , we are home preparing to go away and the house is silent. We can leave a hot drink on the table without worry. We can open a window . We can leave the toilet lid up . We can run a bath safely.

Neither of us are admitting that we miss Batman.

We are telling ourselves that it is normal to have created a Whatsapp Group with our cat-sitter, monitoring Batman’s daily activities. Normal to have left a detailed list of feeding times, feeding instructions, litter instructions, play instructions, insurance details, and vet contact details.

All normal. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

We do not miss this thing which cannot hold an intellectual conversation and has an unhealthy obsession with lasers.

This is ridiculous.




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