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Under the Skin

Hello everybody ,

I’ve found a good one ! I watched Jonathan Glazers’ Under the Skin this weekend and loved it.


If you have ever read the book , as is most often the case the movie is nothing like it. Briefly, the book is about an alien living in Glasgow (…) hunting for hitch-hikers, which she then drugs and takes back to her alien headquarters. The humans (known as ‘vodsels’ in the book) are then harvested for their meat and shipped off into space, where the meat is used to feed alien life on other planets.

The movie sticks to this story very loosely.

Scarlett Johansson is brilliant in her role as she is placed in the middle of Scotland where she really does become an alien in every sense of the word;  she cannot be more out of place.

The book also made references to the alien being a quadruped and having to be surgically altered to walk like a human. I didn’t know what to expect in the movie and my blockbuster-trained brain expected to see werewolves of some kind. Again , not the case. Everything in the movie is implied but very rarely shown. It is all abstract-visuals and sound effects.


If you get a chance to see it , let me know what you think !

Enjoy the rest of your week folks 🙂





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