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Archipelago (not a movie review)

Hello readers,

Glad to see you’re all still here . My Tom Hiddleston obsession some years back led me to the movie Archipelago . This is not about that.

But it is about a same-named restaurant that I stumbled upon when I googled the movie.

An archipelago is by definition a chain of islands.

Archipelago, the restaurant, is in the middle of nowhere; an island in the middle of concrete London. It offers a menu which animal rights activists would kill for (literally kill for). Actually if you don’t eat animals, just look away now.

The experience starts from the minute you walk in.

(It really starts earlier that day when you receive a call from the restaurant giving you your secret password… but that only happens if you answer your phone).



On entering, you are seated at a table with either very comfortable , or very uncomfortable chairs . There is no in-between for a place that has no uniformity in furnishings.


We chose a starter of crocodile wrapped in vine leaves on a ‘bed’ of samphire. All very interesting but I wouldn’t call it a bed of samphire as much as a smidgeon.  Also the crocodile tastes like chicken . Sorry.


Our second starter was Zebra ‘jerky’ . This was very tasty I have to say. The dishes were all very South-African inspired as you can probably start to tell and you can even see a little bit of biltong soil in this photo. The real biltong was nowhere to be seen though , just soil .


For my main, I had a couple of kangaroo skewers. It’s tough meat and they did the best they could with it.


One of our party ordered alpaca. It tastes like beef so please stop killing the alpacas now! There’s no need.


Bison rump steak with twice-baked blue potato was probably my favourite of them all. Cooked medium-rare it had a slightly stronger taste than beef. The potatoes were mixed with blue cheese (thus blue potato) . That on the left there is just a caesar salad.

Also served as a side was Thai coconut rice which I will definitely be trying at home. The rice is boiled in coconut milk and has shavings of coconut added to the mix. Very tasty.

All in all a really interesting experience and if you’re looking for something to do on a special occasion, this is it. An experience I probably won’t repeat soon, but the memory of it will last a while.

Also I feel bad for the alpaca.

R.I.P alpaca.


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