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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes : Review

Hello everybody,

For lack of anything better to watch, we went to see the sequel of the sequel of the sequel to Planet of the Apes last night.

The last of these movies ended with the apes breaking out of their cages and taking over the planet ( from what I can remember ). This latest instalment sets the scene of a very empty planet in which humans have been wiped out by a virus , and the apes have set up camp in the woods living alone for some ten years without a human in sight. It’s all very peaceful.

This first quarter of the movie is all sign-language and grunting and shuffling. Not a word is spoken.

As expected if you have seen the trailers, the humans do arrive eventually : in search of a power source which is conveniently in the form of a dam located close to the ape enclosure.
One thing leads to another and the apes ride over on horseback (yes , it escalates rather quickly) to the humans, warning them to stay away from their homes.

The humans don’t listen.


The lead ape, Caesar, begrudgingly accepts the humans to do their work in getting a power source on the condition they leave immediately.

Obviously it all goes wrong.

What ensues is a rather depressing and predictable story of war, family, friendship and the human-ape nature to screw up perfectly good and stable situations, all for a bit of power and access to lighting and wifi .

All in all I’d give this an 8 out of 10. Very watchable and almost doubles up as a horror movie at times, curtesy of Koba the psychotic ape who is the William Wallace of his people. You’ll have to watch and see.


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