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Pit stop at Ben’s Canteen

Hello everybody,

Today was one of those great days. The kind that sticks out a little bit above the rest.

Work was going great and I felt like I was making a difference.

We might finally be moving house and , for a change, are moving to a place we like immediately (no work to be done!).

I will get to see my dear friends in just over a week and explore London together once more.

And finally, I had the best lunch here; Ben’s Canteen.

Smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg and roasted cherry vine tomatoes.
Smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg and roasted cherry vine tomatoes.
Tea. Lots and lots of tea.
Tea. Lots and lots of tea.
The decor.
The decor.

Also food related , if you have manage to catch the movie ‘Chef’ at a cinema near you , it’s worth a watch. Nothing too special or too heavy but a nice movie to see and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy…. and hungry. Mostly hungry.


Enjoy the rest of the week !

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A little bit of everything , but mostly coffee

Hello everybody,

Miss me ? I’ll take your silence as a yes.

As always a quiet blog = a busy life . We’ve been occupied with selling our home, taking care of our cat (it is a full time job) , working and studying hard , and I personally have been busy looking for the next best coffee shop. Fortunately, I’ve found a couple:

Timberyard, Covent Garden


This place has interesting tasting coffee, probably one of the best so far. The Timberyard use an espresso bean called Jabberwocky and the taste is as great as the name; fantastic.

It’s also not a bad thing that they happen to do great brownies too. Everything from salted caramel and coconut, to triple nut chocolate. Everything you could wish for and regret immediately after eating ( one brownie equals one million calories – fact ).

Timberyard: more coffee, more brownies.
Timberyard: more coffee, more brownies.

The Association , Aldgate 


This place – also not bad. A little bit out of my way being in Aldgate, East London but if you’re in the area, head on over to the Association.

Very good coffee and again , good brownies. If I’m to become a more interesting blogger , I have to try something other than a brownie whenever I go anywhere . Or I should start a brownie blog…

Brownie blog it is.

In other food news , we’re getting the hang of eating more ‘organically’ and trying to cut out red meats and gluten wherever possible (although you wouldn’t think it from any of my posts and also because gluten is in everything , seriously).

Today I’m making a green lentil pasta sauce. The recipe online said that it is a good substitute for mince meat . I showed this to my husband and we laughed and laughed.

What you need:

500g green lentils

3 carrots

3 celery sticks

3 cloves of garlic

1 onion

2 cans chopped tomatoes

1litre vegetable stock

– Cut up everything . Fry everything. Add lentils . Add chopped tomatoes. Add vegetable stock. Add 3 bay leaves, some salt and basil to taste. Cook everything until the stock is soaked up and the whole thing is thick. Add to your pasta and pretend it’s mince .

Enjoy !

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Yes , yes , yes to Guardians of the Galaxy !

Obviously , it’s good.


Guardians of the Galaxy provides a nice link and follow-on from the last Avengers movie. The bad guys you see in the Avengers are but a small fraction of what is really out there in the galaxy; this movie throws so many different alien species at you that it’s hard to keep up.

Our hero Peter Quill carries a walkman, dancing to 70’s /80’s music whilst simultaneously killing people.

I won’t go in to what this movie is actually about. Partly because it feels boring to write about it , and partly because I have no idea .

There are however plenty of laughs to be had and a lot of action. Also many references to Star Wars for some reason; maybe the director was a fan? Peter Quill looks like Han Solo and even some of the gadgets are quite Star Wars-esque .

One negative , this thing:


What you’re looking at is Groot. A computer generated image of a tree.

What you’re told you’re looking at by most media sites out there is Vin Diesel , who plays Groot in the movie.

I kid you not , ”Vin Diesel” (and I can’t emphasise the inverted commas enough ) only has three words to say throughout this 122minute film; ” I am Groot ”.

That’s it.

Vin Diesel  (no doubt you’re reading this) –  are you not quite embarrassed for yourself ? What exactly were you told by the producers to make this sound like a good idea?

Aside from feeling awkward for Vinnie, it was good fun and highly recommended!

Enjoy the weekend folks 🙂