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Yes , yes , yes to Guardians of the Galaxy !

Obviously , it’s good.


Guardians of the Galaxy provides a nice link and follow-on from the last Avengers movie. The bad guys you see in the Avengers are but a small fraction of what is really out there in the galaxy; this movie throws so many different alien species at you that it’s hard to keep up.

Our hero Peter Quill carries a walkman, dancing to 70’s /80’s music whilst simultaneously killing people.

I won’t go in to what this movie is actually about. Partly because it feels boring to write about it , and partly because I have no idea .

There are however plenty of laughs to be had and a lot of action. Also many references to Star Wars for some reason; maybe the director was a fan? Peter Quill looks like Han Solo and even some of the gadgets are quite Star Wars-esque .

One negative , this thing:


What you’re looking at is Groot. A computer generated image of a tree.

What you’re told you’re looking at by most media sites out there is Vin Diesel , who plays Groot in the movie.

I kid you not , ”Vin Diesel” (and I can’t emphasise the inverted commas enough ) only has three words to say throughout this 122minute film; ” I am Groot ”.

That’s it.

Vin Diesel  (no doubt you’re reading this) –  are you not quite embarrassed for yourself ? What exactly were you told by the producers to make this sound like a good idea?

Aside from feeling awkward for Vinnie, it was good fun and highly recommended!

Enjoy the weekend folks 🙂

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