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Camping in the Lake District

Hello people,

I’ll be the first to admit this blog has hit a bit of a dry spell ; the first to admit it because I doubt anyone is reading anymore to admit to anything otherwise.

So I’m back. Refreshed after a weekend of camping two weeks ago , and thrown right back into exhaustion and slight depression after a weekend with friends. *Note – I feel this way because they are gone, not because they were here.

Camping was also a pleasant surprise. We travelled to the Lake District which, for those of you as terrible at geography as I am , is not a couple of hours away from London. It is more accurately about a 6 hour drive with traffic. Driving aside, the destination is worth it:


If you have never been camping, here are some things you should prepare for:

– Your tent will most likely not be close to a toilet . Don’t be fooled when they place you ten steps away from it because let’s be honest, this is ten steps too far in the middle of the night.

– Do not watch a video of how to assemble your tent on YouTube. These people may look like humans but they are in-fact aliens from another planet with more dexterity and skill than you will ever possess. Just give up and sleep on the ground.

– If you do somehow manage to put up your tent after a lot of ”Pull that string … No .. the other string ” , you will need a ground sheet before you put down your mattress. This is because you are camping in England where the ground is freezing all the time.

– Wet-wipes . Wet-wipes are for every situation.

– Torches also. … And batteries for your torch.

That’s all I learnt.

The rest was beautiful .




If you live around the area, or even if you don’t, it is worth travelling to the Lake District to get away from it all.

Enjoy the rest of your weeks wherever you are !



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