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That Liam Neeson tombstone movie

Hello everybody,

Opening to rave reviews of 2 stars (2 stars is good for Liam Neeson) this week was A Walk Among the Tombstones; the latest “I will find you , and I will kill you” movie.

Neeson plays a hardened and retired detective . Retired because he killed a child by mistake (oops) and he now does ‘favours’ for people ‘on the side’ , like helping drug dealers find out who took their wives or children.

I ended that sentence and sat here for another 30 minutes trying to think of what else I could write but honestly this movie is so terrible and forgettable that I can’t. I just can’t. I saw it yesterday and I have forgotten almost all of it with the exception of the credits at the end, where I felt very very happy and relieved to be going home.

In other news, Batman our kitten has turned into a full blown asshole cat.


Don’t let the good looks fool you; he spends his days mostly sleeping and his nights mostly terrorising the neighbourhood cats and using flower beds as litter trays. Sometimes he also stares at nothing , for hours. We have advertised him as ‘For Sale’ online several times now and removed the adverts minutes later, filled with guilt because he is family now … and you can’t sell family. Also he’s nice a lot of the time.

I am spending the rest of my day doing a mixture of nothing ,  doing my accounts , and getting my head around the fact that I have “accounts” in the first place. I don’t like this part of getting older. I would like to opt out of this portion of the show.

Hoping none of you are doing the same thing today. Enjoy what remains of Sunday!




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