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No equality in The Equaliser

Hello everybody,

For lack of anything better to watch, we saw The Equaliser last week. Several completely unrelated things made this movie worse than it really was for me;

– Emma Watsons’ speech on gender equality to the United Nations

– reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

– Being female , period.

Denzel feels sorry for a young prostitute and decides to take matters into his own hands (because clearly she can’t ? ). He feels sorry for her for about ten seconds before jabbing a corkscrew into a Russian’s neck. We soon forget why he was equalising anything in the first place and just watch him beating people up.

It all ends in a messy final scene set in a DIY store where everything can and will kill you given the chance or ‘On’ button.

There is a lot of slow-motion walking
There is a lot of slow-motion walking

This weekend is the release of Gone Girl , which will hopefully see the gender tables turn a smidgeon. Strongly recommend you read the book before seeing the movie. This way you will be guaranteed disappointment .

rs_560x415-140117183509-1024.Gone-Girl-Ben-Affleck.011714_copyUntil next time !

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