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I get on a train or bus almost every day. I have to take care of myself a little bit extra and chew gum each morning because I know I will be inches away from somebody’s face for a couple of stops before I have to get off.

It’s no wonder Hollywoods new obsession is with space. Lots and lots of space.

In space, you can put up a big shelf without having to worry that it impinges aesthetically on the rest of the room.

Interstellar was a pretty okay space movie. More than okay actually.


Matthew McConaughey acts as a farmer/retired astronaut , living on a dyeing earth with his two children and father in law.

The movie takes some inspiration from the Dust bowl of the 1930’s which gives it a very real feel. Historical footage of the interviews from the times of the dust bowl drifts in and out of the plot at the beginning, driving home the very real problem that we are ruining ourselves and this planet by over-ploughing , over-populating and overdoing everything.

McConaughey of course gets caught up in having to save the planet because life is tough like that. He goes in search of an alternate planet for all humans to be shipped off to. As if that isn’t impossible enough, every couple of hours of him being in space are the equivalent of several decades on earth. Because physics.

Interstellar is not only about the big bangs and visuals, but is a story about love , ageing and separation. Yes , it has some very irritating script moves:

“Mankind was born on earth. It was never meant to die here.” – Really Matthew ? Because I’m pretty sure you’re wrong there.

But looking past this, it’s not the worst space movie out there.

Recommended !



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