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Some things to avoid this holiday season

Hello everybody ,

If you live in a place as big as London, there is no doubt you will start to feel the Christmas spirit approximately six months prior. I think I may have mentioned this before but last year , I saw my first Christmas advert in August. I needed to say this again . August.

By the time December rolls on, there is absolute chaos and frenzy.

There are things you should avoid during this frenzy:

– IKEA. Just *all* of IKEA. You do not need to build that cupboard this year, trust me.
– Christmas cups . God love the Christmas cups but can we all just admit the coffee tastes terrible?
– Don’t be fooled into watching bad movies. Last year I watched Labor Day , the only movie on TV which didn’t have a Christmas theme. It was terrible misogynistic nonsense about a depressed woman who takes in a convict and he does “manly” things like fixing light fixtures and even showing her how to bake, because she didn’t feel useless enough already. Terrible !

Today , I am delving into the heart of all the madness by heading in to Oxford Circus. Yes, on my days off I like to throw myself into a crowd of angry commuters.

But first …


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