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Just end already

Hello everybody ,

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for this year to be over, probably more than others before it. It’s been a good one ; we have been surrounded by family and friends day in and day out , we have seen a little bit of Europe, we have run many races, we have watched our friends run marathons, we’ve excelled in our jobs, I finally got that cat, we decorated our living room, and then we moved house. There were other good things also.

Life also got interesting ; we lost family, we gained other new members of family. In short , we’ve been living in a soap opera for the last couple of months . I have never watched Days of Our Lives but I’m pretty sure we have lived similarly.

So, bring on 2015. New Years resolutions :
– start running again
– maybe possibly buy a flat
– create a new Spotify playlist

Also eat better, read more, choose better Instagram filters, be nicer, and all those other things you’re meant to say at this time of year.

I probably won’t get another chance to say it this year so thank you for reading this, all of this , regularly or semi regularly or even for just popping in. You make this all worthwhile because let’s face it, writing a blog for no one is insane.

Happy new year !

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Bored of the Rings

Yesterday saw the release of the final movie in the Hobbit trilogy. Crowds gathered to watch the spectacle and I went along because :

– The dragon Smaug left us all hanging in the last movie ( If you don’t remember, he was just about to set fire to a town made entirely of wood and then THE END ).

– Impressive battle formations

– The elves are attractive

And since I have obviously started to watch these movies for all the wrong reasons, I’m glad they’re finally over.

On the plus side, it sets the scene very well for sitting down to watch your first Lord of the Rings movie with a nice bowl of popcorn; Bilbo Baggins returns to his home in the Shire and starts writing his book. As he finishes he gets a visit from Gandalf, and the rest is history.

Fans of the books and movies will know the Silmarillion is now rumoured to be adapted to the big screen, with some saying it will be a 72-film extravaganza beginning in 2016 and ending in 2160. Yes , you will actually die before seeing the last of all this.


Enjoy your weekend folks ūüôā


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Watch. Read. Listen.

Hello everybody,

Here are some¬†things keeping my attention over the last month .¬†Normally this is quite hard to do so these are the “cream of the crop” (a phrase I’ve never really understood, thus inverted commas).


Currently reading Joseph O'Neills' The Dog.
Currently reading Joseph O’Neills’ The Dog.

I first heard of this book whilst reading an FHM magazine waiting¬†in line for the hairdressers ( I know right ? – there was a line ). Anyway, FHM magazine had a little snippet on Cillian Murphy’s favourite books. I rather like Cillian Murphy’s face and so naturally I wanted to read all of what he was reading. This book was one of them.



If you’ve never been to the BFI Southbank, today and tomorrow would be a good time to go and see this documentary based on Franz Fanons’ book Wretched of the Earth. As far as I can tell, the last day to watch it is the 11th December and after that it’s 2001: Space Odyssey and trust me you don’t want to watch that. So go and see this instead.



I first heard this about 4 years ago and have been rediscovering the same albums over and over again. Not something I would describe as groundbreaking music but makes my mornings a little brighter , and I need all the help I can get with mornings so .. it’s good.

Also, for longer journeys I have just started with this..


I may have mentioned in other posts but This American Life is one of my favourite radio shows. I could listen to them talk all day without a single song being played in between.

Serial is¬†a podcast where the writers unfold one nonfiction story over the course of a season. Each week gives out a new episode for , I’m guessing, as long as it takes until the writers get to the bottom of the story.

This season looks into the case of Hae Minn Lee who was (apparently) murdered by her boyfriend Adnan Syed in January 1999. I am one hour in and it’s getting interesting!

If you’re interested in joining in on the mystery (actually it’s not a mystery , it’s all over Google but no spoilers ) , you can go to¬†¬†

That’s all for now !