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Just end already

Hello everybody ,

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for this year to be over, probably more than others before it. It’s been a good one ; we have been surrounded by family and friends day in and day out , we have seen a little bit of Europe, we have run many races, we have watched our friends run marathons, we’ve excelled in our jobs, I finally got that cat, we decorated our living room, and then we moved house. There were other good things also.

Life also got interesting ; we lost family, we gained other new members of family. In short , we’ve been living in a soap opera for the last couple of months . I have never watched Days of Our Lives but I’m pretty sure we have lived similarly.

So, bring on 2015. New Years resolutions :
– start running again
– maybe possibly buy a flat
– create a new Spotify playlist

Also eat better, read more, choose better Instagram filters, be nicer, and all those other things you’re meant to say at this time of year.

I probably won’t get another chance to say it this year so thank you for reading this, all of this , regularly or semi regularly or even for just popping in. You make this all worthwhile because let’s face it, writing a blog for no one is insane.

Happy new year !

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