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The amazing Birdman

Hello everybody,

I wondered how to start off the first post of the year and I think it’s reasonable to go with a review of Birdman , which is the best movie of 2015. Yes , we are 5 days in to the new year but trust me this is about as good as it will get with cinema this year.


Alejandro González Iñárritu ( nope, never heard of him either ) , known also for directing 21 grams and Babel ( you’re welcome ) , directs an impressive cast through this story of a failing actor who directs his own cast in a broadway play which he hopes will be his next big break. As opening night approaches, our main character Riggan (Michael Keaton) starts to unravel and his relationship with everyone around him follows suit.

Iñárritu uses some clever camera tricks to make it look as though the movie was filmed in a single long take. The whole thing starts to look like the actors are improvising (and improvising brilliantly) , and you’re never quite sure what will happen next. The characters go from their dressing rooms and on to the theatre stage and it’s occasionally not clear whether they are practicing their lines or really yelling at each other in ‘real’ life.

Basically , the rest of cinematic 2015 will be one big disappointment once you get your eyes on this.

Go before you miss the chance to see it on a big screen !





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