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Hello everbody ,

I live in a city that has a theatre on practically every corner. By every corner I mean only certain corners in central London but there are a lot of corners there.  This being said , I don’t go to the theatre nearly as often as I should.

There are certain times when I do. These times include:

– My mother visiting

– Somehow getting a free ticket

– My mother visiting

– Mistaking the theatre for a cinema

On this occasion (see Reason Number 1 ) , I was glad I did:


The 39 Steps , showing right now at the Criterion Theatre , is quite something. Four actors play over 130 roles in just 100 minutes and very little by way of special effects; brilliant. The play , originally a novel by John Buchan, has been adapted into several movies but I doubt anything has come close to this kind of talent. If you are (or aren’t!) a fan of theatre, go and see this !!

In other theatre news , I have booked tickets for two more shows this year (No, this sudden burst of booking theatre tickets is not part of a dare or new years resolution).


In February, we are off to see Cirque Du Soleils’ Kooza , which should be spectacular and hopefully no one will die on stage ( Google it. It happened. )

And then this:

Carmina NEW

Very excited and slightly nervous at my high expectations for this one. I’m expecting to cry throughout the entire show; the mark of a good night. Can’t wait for all of the crying.

Until next time !


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