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Things you could have done last week

Hello everybody,

In true worst-blogger fashion, here are some things that were fun to do last week which I didn’t tell you about on time . And now they have ended and are no longer available.

First up:

Crepe Suzettes at this place:

Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden.
Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden.

The restaurant is located at the very top of Covent Garden overlooking the market grounds. I would like to say that we stumbled upon it by accident , but it was the result of one of us being fixated on having a crepe suzette and doing the following google searches :

“crepe suzettes in London”

“best crepe suzettes in London”

“crepe suzettes anywhere in London”

“where the f**k can I get a crepe suzette somewhere in London”

“show me the crepe , London”

Fortunately, one of these was a success and we ended up in Brasserie Blanc. The fact that they no longer served crepe suzettes when we got there was a slight blip in an otherwise great evening.

We had (tried to have) snails. They taste like your garden or a garden . Any garden. Doesn't matter. They're shit.
We had (tried to have) snails. They taste like your garden or a garden . Any garden. Doesn’t matter. They’re shit.
Steak tartare. Why do people eat any other food? This is enough surely ?
Steak tartare. Why do people eat any other food? This is enough surely ?
And finally chocolate. Always chocolate.
And finally chocolate. Always chocolate.

Also happening last week was Carl Orffs’ Carmina Burana at the London Coliseum, choreographed by David Bintley.

Carmina Burana.BRB


One of us cried at the end , and the other one of us didn’t fall asleep. So you know this was good.

Keep an eye out for tickets near you !

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead 🙂

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Here fishy fishy

Hello everybody,

Fish is pretty great.

The best fish in London can be found in Billingsgate Fish Market.

I have never been to this market, nor will I ever go to this market because it opens at 4am and closes by 9.30am. It’s basically impossible.

This is why you need good friends who will go for you.

We had the pleasure of not going and reaping all of the delicious food benefits a couple of weekends ago.


Each crab cost £2 ! No better deal can be found anywhere, that I know of.


Billingsgate is the largest inland fish market in Europe, selling over 35,000 tonnes of fish per year. The prices are almost worth the early start . The crabs we had were £2 per crab . Prawns were going for £15 for 2 kgs.


One day I hope to have the motivation to get up early enough to go there myself but until then , you go.



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Double shot

It’s that time again !

Coffee shop time.

Honestly I’m not longer sure about whether I go to these places because I like coffee, or because I like telling you to go there.

Either way, some great and not so great experiences were had last week:

Double Shot Coffee Company

A cute little place in the middle of Covent Garden, but kind of to the side (specifics are small details here right?). It does great coffee, and great granola if you are as hungry as a small village of medium sized people.

Coffee and granola with its’ own side of yoghurt and honey. Going to a place where they serve you breakfast and then you serve yourself breakfast is the new thing.

Workshop Coffee Company 

Thank goodness I was alone.

Workshop Coffee describe their coffee drinking space as the following:

With standing room in the front of the space, and a secluded seating nook at the rear, we’re looking forward to serving as our neighbourhood’s connection to the lively and discursive meeting spaces of yesteryear.

It’s a f***ing nook alright.

I couldn’t take a photo of my coffee because I didn’t have enough room to move my arms. They might as well have sat me down with an extra long straw; sip, don’t move.

I headed downstairs first to what I thought was an additional seating area but it was just a toilet.

On asking the staff if there was maybe another way through the toilet and into another area, I was looked at as if I were crazy to think that a coffee shop should accommodate more than 5 people (<– this is actually a real statistic, there were 5 of us there). Or maybe they thought I was crazy to want to go through a toilet to sit down.

If you’re desperate for this particular experience, head on over to Mortimer Street, near Oxford Circus. Or , they do have other branches elsewhere, which I discovered too late.

Until next time, have a great week all !

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Springy spring

Hello everybody,

Spring time has arrived ! I hope you all take some time this week to get out there and notice that this has happened.

This has to be one of my favourite times of the year. Every season has something special but after not feeling the sun on your face for the better part of five months, Spring is a favourite.

Obligatory photo of daffodils
Obligatory photo of daffodils

I got up extra early on Wednesday to go to a park before going to work . Extra Springtime dedication. It was worth it.




Spotted in St James' park. Giant pelicans. Where did they come from and who else knew they were there?!
Spotted in St James’ park. Giant pelicans. Where did they come from and who else knew they were there?!

Here’s to sunshine, warmth , longer evenings and runs in the park. Have a great weekend folks 🙂


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Hello friends,

If you’re looking for a light movie which you will forget the next day , go and see Focus ! It’s the shiny new movie with beefy Will Smith and a bunch of other people ( you don’t really care for their names do you?).

Smith plays a con artist who falls in love with another con artist, and then they spend the rest of the movie playing cons on each other. Are they having coffee or are they stealing each others watches?  

Here's everyone acting very tense.
Here’s everyone acting very tense.

There are a few funny moments but mostly it doesn’t make for memorable viewing.

My other Focus this month (see what I did there?) will be to start running again and to generally improve fitness from the last couple of months. My last steady stint of running was last years’ British 10k in July ; one week of not running turned into two weeks, and then eventually all of the weeks, coupled with more than occasional bad food choices. So I’m writing this down because promising to do something to a world of strangers is the first step.

In other news, Birdman basically won all of the Oscars and I’m pretty sure my review had something to do with it . I did say it would be the best of 2015 . So pleased.

Enjoy the first week of March and the beginning of Spring !