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Hello friends,

If you’re looking for a light movie which you will forget the next day , go and see Focus ! It’s the shiny new movie with beefy Will Smith and a bunch of other people ( you don’t really care for their names do you?).

Smith plays a con artist who falls in love with another con artist, and then they spend the rest of the movie playing cons on each other. Are they having coffee or are they stealing each others watches?  

Here's everyone acting very tense.
Here’s everyone acting very tense.

There are a few funny moments but mostly it doesn’t make for memorable viewing.

My other Focus this month (see what I did there?) will be to start running again and to generally improve fitness from the last couple of months. My last steady stint of running was last years’ British 10k in July ; one week of not running turned into two weeks, and then eventually all of the weeks, coupled with more than occasional bad food choices. So I’m writing this down because promising to do something to a world of strangers is the first step.

In other news, Birdman basically won all of the Oscars and I’m pretty sure my review had something to do with it . I did say it would be the best of 2015 . So pleased.

Enjoy the first week of March and the beginning of Spring !

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