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Here fishy fishy

Hello everybody,

Fish is pretty great.

The best fish in London can be found in Billingsgate Fish Market.

I have never been to this market, nor will I ever go to this market because it opens at 4am and closes by 9.30am. It’s basically impossible.

This is why you need good friends who will go for you.

We had the pleasure of not going and reaping all of the delicious food benefits a couple of weekends ago.


Each crab cost £2 ! No better deal can be found anywhere, that I know of.


Billingsgate is the largest inland fish market in Europe, selling over 35,000 tonnes of fish per year. The prices are almost worth the early start . The crabs we had were £2 per crab . Prawns were going for £15 for 2 kgs.


One day I hope to have the motivation to get up early enough to go there myself but until then , you go.



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