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Hipster cafe takeover

Hello everybody,

I remember having a conversation with a friend a couple of months ago ( I remember everything ) about the definition of a ‘hipster’ and what it means to be one. If you have been living under a rock and still don’t know, please go to Brickwood coffee house in Clapham Common here in London for a visual demonstration of ‘hipster’.

Exhibit A – our water


It’s not good water unless it has mint floating so close to the opening that you can’t actually get the water to pour out. Lovely . Frustrating, but lovely.

Exhibit B – Jars fecking everywhere.


I’m pretty sure somebody had to empty a gazillion tin cans of golden syrup just so my cutlery could be comfortable.

Exhibit C – Beanies


This was my favourite. Beanies hung up with wood pegs. There was a ‘For sale’ sign up there but we all know that there is an endless supply of beanies somewhere in the basement probably.

Needless to say , I loved all of this . My banana bread even arrived with espresso butter. I have no idea what espresso butter even is but I finished it without question. You don’t ask questions in these places.


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