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There’s something about steak

Hello everybody,

Birthdays always give a reason for celebration, whether your own or not. So this weekend we had the opportunity of going to Marco Pierre White’s restaurant (apparently famous but I only know him as the guy who advertises Chicken stock cubes on TV) .

London Steakhouse Co. does exactly what it says ( steak, in London ) and they do it very well.


We had a salmon starter , a lighter option ahead of all the meat we were about to have.


I had my steak medium rare , which is how every person in the world should have their steak. Ordering a well-done steak in this place is not punishable by death, but it should be.


Dessert was a pecan pie; the best I have ever had considering this was my first time having it. Coupled with ice cream which may have been lavender? Or Basil? … Something herby.

The restaurant itself was a little cosy (cosy = the diplomatic cramped) but very busy and close to the Curzon Theatre on King’s Road , for anyone that fancies a dinner before theatre.

My only complaint would be that our waiter recommended a cocktail to me which was “One that women always order”. Naturally my vagina said no to that cocktail and I ordered something stronger , with whisky.

I liked it waiter-man , I liked it !!

To the left is my defiant little cocktail.
To the left is my defiant little cocktail.

Now we’re back home recovering from all of the steak which incidentally my body no longer responds very well to (because I’m a woman) .

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