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Watch, Read , Listen – Part 2

Hello friends , 

This week I urge you to do at least one of these things because , in my opinion, they are all amazing . And because you’re here and my opinion is the only one that matters ; you should listen to me. 

Watch ‘Frank’

An interesting little movie based loosely on Chris Sieveys’ character Frank Sidebottom who wore a giant fake head when performing weird music which , quite frankly (see what I did there), I did not understand. The story follows an aspiring musician who finds himself pulled in to Frank’s band. They hole themselves away in the woods to record their album and nothing much happens. It’s honest, funny, sad , and you should watch it. 

Read ‘An Untamed State’ by R.Gay .

Ever since reading Bad Feminist I have been waiting for her next book to come out. I’m still reading it but so far so good. Be warned though if you’re expecting a repeat of Bad Feminist-y vibes, this is totally different and is about a woman kidnapped in Haiti.

Listen to these Podcasts:

Last year it was avocados, this year I’m all about podcasts . They are my new thing. 

If you’re a podcast newbie , here are my favourites so far : 

Serial – because who doesn’t love a good story about crime, innocence and an unfair justice system!?

Call Your Girlfriend – two friends and feminists talking about social media, being ‘diagnosed’ with menstruation, race, what an asshole the pope is , and everything inbetween. 

Another Round – two friends and feminists (yes there’s a trend in my listening) talking about racism, sexism, popular culture, everything. 

This American Life – the podcast that has it all , because there are over 500 episodes dating back to the 90s. 

All of these podcasts are free online , otherwise if you have an ‘Apple-anything’ product you can also search for them in your Podcast app. 

In other news :

I got to vote yesterday for the first time ever in my ten years of being in this country. For those who have not experienced it , it is mostly quite dull and there are no snacks offered in the poll stations (for anyone who was wondering).

Have a good weekend wherever you all are !

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