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How to eat a bunny 

I first remember hearing about the dish ‘bunnychow’ from my husband. 

He described sitting on a beach in Durban, having a loaf of hollowed-out bread filled with mutton curry. 

All of this sounded great to me , although I have to admit that the words ‘beach’ and ‘loaf of bread’ just didnt go together in my mind . 

Over the years, we each made several attempts to reinvent the foods from our childhood and this included Durban bunnychow. It was always a disaster. 

So you can imagine our excitement (and relief) when a Bunnychow place opened here in London. 


The menu offered up the classic Durban bunnychow, as well as choices of vegetable and chicken curries.

The curry was indeed served in a loaf of bread and a little side salad. The best advice I can give for eating this thing :

– be in good company . And by good I mean familiar . So familiar that you won’t feel embarrassed that you have food all over your hands because cutlery is redundant with bunny chow. 

–  side salad , also redundant . Don’t waste your time.

– don’t try to delicately peel away the bread because that doesn’t work either . You might as well slam your entire face into the curry 

If you’re in the area (Soho, Wardour Street) , head on over and try it! The place is still new (opened September 2014) and each bunny is about £5; not bad for feeling full for the entire day because need I remind you that it is an entire half loaf of bread. 

Enjoy the rest of the week folks!

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