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The luck of the Irish

Hello friends,

What a great weekend it was.

I packed my bags last Thursday and headed to the airport at 4.30 on a Friday morning , headed for Dublin. For someone who spends the majority of her time on the internet, I am embarrassingly un-aware of current events. The 2015 referendum for marriage equality was no exception. I arrived in Dublin a little clueless but quickly got my act together before anyone found out.

Thankfully the good people of Ireland voted Yes, which made for a beautiful atmosphere on a sunny Saturday.







The following day, celebrations continued with Africa Day in the park; filled with great music, food (grilled fish and plantain gets a thumbs up from me), and dancing . Also, a lot of dogs and children.






Africa Day was held in Dublins’ Phoenix Park which is the largest park in Europe, five times the size of Londons’ Hyde Park ! The stage and tents were surrounded by greenery and there was plenty of room to sit or walk around; whatever took your fancy.

I got a slight pang of nostalgia listening to all of the music and watching people dancing, but more than anything I was glad that I was there with friends who probably felt exactly the same way.

For the rest of this week, its’ back to work and back to reality here. I’m also trying out having no caffeine, which is going splendidly. I’m miserable and clean since Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks!


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